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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wolf Wagons

Here is a very unusual pic of a set of WOLF WAGONS that worked both the city and the road. Both units had 322 cu in Chev. engine with six speed Allison auto. transmission and when hooked together pulled in unison. The idea was that you would load in one city for delivery in the next city without having to cross-dock the freight (didn’t work that way). The driver had an inside door leading to the freight compartment. The engine set in the middle and you could only check the radiator thru an inspection door in the freight box. Also, the only time you were on the road was when you crossed it. This was the spring of 1958 and before the year was up, POWELL BROS. TRUCK LINE sold out to TIME giving them direct authority between Tulsa OK and St. Louis, MO., also Memphis and KC MO.

These wagons were hard to control, as back then they didn’t know to put the lighter one on the back. I always remember this one old timer returning from Kansas City down OLD highway 13 using that saying, describing his experience. “The only time I was on the road was when I crossed it.”

The designer and builder of the these was a man with the last name WOLF from Dallas Texas. He had sold (?) several units to East Texas Motor Freight. He also sold some to ARMOUR Packing Co. in KC to deliver their products. These at Armour had the appearance of a half cab and had a diesel mounted up front. Fred Veregge CollectionWolf Wagons

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

18th Green

18th Green, Sandy Gallop Golf Club, Ipswich, Qld. Au
I took this photo on 28th December 2010 and only two weeks later the Bremer River flooded ever higher and not only was the flag stick under water but the whole first floor of the club house, from where this photo was taken, was under water up to the ceiling.


Patrick Street, Laidley, Qld. Au.

I took this photograph in September 2010 on my way to golf at Laidley. The sign had just been stenciled on the road approaching the level crossing southbound. I sent photos to the local newspapers and by the following week the Council had corrected it.
NOTE: This is not photoshopped


Coffee Club, Station Road, Indooroopilly, Qld., Au
This sign is truthful in that the lane was no way wide enough to allow trucks to pass that point.
Photo taken in January 2010. That Coffee Club is now closed.


Logan Motorway at Loganlea, Qld, Au.

I took this photo in 2007 and reported the misspelling. It was finally corrected about 12 months later. Not long after that free-flow tolling was introduced and the signs (both East bound and West bound had the same mistake) were removed.